Annual Visits for Women's Health
By Ridgeview Internal Medicine
November 16, 2020
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Annual visits with a medical professional can play an essential role in achieving and maintaining your best health. Scheduling a well visit every year allows your provider to better keep track of your health. Potential issues that have developed since your previous visit can be detected and treated right away before they become more serious. Dr. Deana Al-Khateeb is your physician for women’s health at Ridgeview Internal Medicine in Woodbridge.

What to Expect During an Annual Exam

There is nothing to be nervous about with an annual exam, or well visit, for women’s health at our office in Woodbridge. The purpose of the appointment is to assess your overall health and help you remain as healthy as possible. If potential concerns are identified, the doctor can recommend specific actions for improving your health. For example, medication or dietary changes might be recommended to reduce elevated cholesterol levels.

During an annual exam, some things that are likely to be discussed include your medical history, your family medical history, allergies, current medications, and any health concerns you have. Some specific items that are typically checked during an exam include:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Pulse rate
  • Temperature
  • Blood pressure
  • Respiratory rate

Another important aspect of an annual wellness visit is monitoring existing health conditions, if you have any. For example, if you have diabetes or a history of high blood pressure, the doctor can monitor those conditions to check that additional concerns have not developed since your last visit. In addition to monitoring existing conditions, preventive care is also part of an annual exam. Preventive care emphasizes ways to help you stay healthy by preventing health issues.

Screenings might also be performed during your annual exam. Screenings help identify health issues early on so they can be treated before more serious problems develop and are particularly beneficial if your family has a history of a specific illness or disease. Health screenings can include checking cholesterol levels or heart health, for example. Screenings can also be performed for certain types of cancers, such as skin cancer.

An annual visit with your healthcare provider can play a significant role in helping you maintain your best health possible. To schedule an appointment for an annual exam with Dr. Al-Khateeb, call our clinic for women’s health, Ridgeview Internal Medicine in Woodbridge, VA at (703) 494-4116.


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