When Was Your Last Visit To A Physician?

When Was Your Last Visit To A Physician?

Everyone has their own comfort zone when it comes to visiting their primary care physician. Some schedule routine checkups every year and are likely to book additional appointments for even small concerns. Others only go to the doctor when they’re sick and have tried every home remedy they know. As a compassionate physician in Woodbridge, VA, Dr. Deana Al-Khateeb urges all patients to schedule routine visits at Ridgeview Internal Medicine because prevention is less costly than treatment.

Why Do You Need Routine Checkups?

Some adults assume that routine visits to the physician are only for children. If you’re feeling okay, why should you take time out of your busy schedule to see a doctor? There are a few important reasons to consider: 

  • Early detection of life-altering or threatening disease
  • Reduced risk of complications for diagnosed conditions
  • Recommendations to improve quality of daily life 

There’s a reason your Woodbridge, VA, physician may want to run bloodwork and examine you in person on a routine basis. Those simple checks often reveal signs that something significant is happening within your body. Many illnesses and diseases can develop for months or years without obvious symptoms. You may also overlook some early signs of a serious medical condition. 

Your physician is trained to detect subtle symptoms as early as possible. They can also help you improve your lifestyle to minimize your risk of life-altering illness. 

How Often Should Adults See a Physician?

Timing for routine checkups is personal. In general, adults under the age of 50 should have a checkup at least every three years. Once you reach 50, annual checkups are advised. A lot of serious medical conditions are more likely to develop at an older age, including: 

  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease
  • High cholesterol levels
  • Arthritis 
  • Diabetes 

The healthier your lifestyle in general, the longer you can live without a significant change in physical condition. Consulting with your physician on a routine basis is part of maximizing health and preventing the onset of disease. 

More Frequent Checkups are Often Required

If you have a diagnosed medical condition or are at high risk for disease, you may need to see your physician more often. The only way to know the ideal frequency for your health is to see your physician and ask.

If you’re in Woodbridge, VA, and need a physician, schedule an appointment with Dr. Al-Khateeb at Ridgeview Internal Medicine. Our team is dedicated to making compassionate, comprehensive medical care more accessible in the Woodbridge area. Call (703) 494-4116 to schedule an appointment.

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