Long Term Effects Of Untreated Acute Diseases

Long Term Effects Of Untreated Acute Diseases

An acute disease appears suddenly and lasts for a short amount of time. They are different from chronic diseases, which develop gradually and remain for months on end. Some examples include the influenza virus and the common cold, but to learn more about acute diseases, please reach out to your Woodbridge, VA, doctor, Dr. Deana Al-Khateeb of Ridgeview Internal Medicine.

Serious Acute Diseases

Many acute diseases can be minor and may go away on their own or can be treated with a simple course of antibiotics or other prescription medication. There are some acute diseases, such as asthma attacks, broken bones, bronchitis, burns, Covid-19, heart attack, pneumonia, respiratory infections, and strep throat that are more serious and require treatment.

What Is the Effect of Acute Diseases on Your Health?

They can cause sudden, long-term damage to the body of the patient if left untreated. Underlying conditions can also affect the outcome of the disease.

How Do You Manage Acute Diseases?

Most acute diseases respond well to treatments and therapies, but the extent of your treatment will depend on the severity of your disease. Your treatment plan could be as simple as resting at home or as severe as admitting you to the hospital for an emergency situation.

Acute Disease Treatment In Woodbridge, VA

Acute diseases manifest suddenly and often with little warning. They tend to be brought on by infection, a virus, or even an accident.

Acute disease treatment depends on the symptoms. Your doctor can help you determine what the underlying cause is when you make a visit to the office for a diagnosis. This will also determine your course of treatment. It is best to visit your doctor if you are unsure about the severity of your disease.

Do you need to talk to your Woodbridge, VA, doctor about your Acute disease? Call (703) 494-4116 to reach Dr. Al-Khateeb of Ridgeview Internal Medicine.

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